Government Affairs

Malkin & Ross’s (M&R) comprehensive approach to legislative lobbying and regulatory advocacy is designed to address the needs and objectives of our 50+ clients. Unlike most large lobbying firms whose clients’ primary concerns are the maintenance of the status quo, a majority of M&R’s clients seek major change in policy or budget priorities. This kind of lobbying often requires an aggressive, cutting-edge approach.

Our team has decades of experience and a network of relationships within the executive and legislative branches of government, state authorities and agencies, advocacy groups, and the media. For more than 20 years, M&R has helped clients:

  • Organize and develop strategies for success;
  • Develop and execute local and statewide campaigns;
  • Craft powerful messages to educate and motivate the public;
  • Draft legislation and regulations to address concerns and track relevant bills;
  • Formulate, advance and defend positions with decision makers;
  • Secure bill sponsors and ensure the Governor’s signature;
  • Secure funding from the New York State Budget;
  • Build and promote partnerships with third-party allies;
  • Court the media to obtain press attention for clients’ campaigns; and
  • Manage political action committees (PACs).

Recent Results:

  • Telephone Justice for Prison Families: M&R put an end to an egregious backdoor tax on prisoners’ family members by helping pass legislation to ensure that they are charged reasonable rates for phone calls.
  • Timothy’s Law: After 12 years of often contentious debate, M&R was brought in to help broker a deal that guarantees that insurance companies provide mental health benefits to their consumers.
  • Death Care Proxy: M&R helped pass a law creating an instrument for the disposition of a loved one’s remains, similar to a health care proxy. This is the first state law to provide domestic partners with the same rights as married couples.

Dome Building imageBudget Victories:

M&R has secured millions of dollars in state funding for a variety of clients including, but not limited to, AIDS service centers, hospital, drug rehabilitation centers, parks, economic development projects, disability groups, trade associations, and unions.

Bill Introductions and Tracking:

Let Malkin & Ross monitor bill introductions and track important legislation for you.

Political Action Committees:

Malkin & Ross has experienced staff and the most up-to-date systems to manage your Political Action Committee reporting needs.

Contact us at or 518-449-3359 to discuss how we can facilitate your legislative needs.


Contact us at 518-449-3359 or via email at and discuss what Malkin & Ross can do for your organization.