Strategic Consulting

Malkin & Ross (M&R) is known for taking on contentious and difficult policy issues, crafting innovative strategies, forging broad alliances, and driving the legislative process – not merely responding to it. This multifaceted approach has enabled M&R to amass impressive successes.

Our team of government and media experts has decades of experience working with nonprofit organizations, businesses, coalitions, trade associations, and public agencies to design and implement winning campaigns.

Recent Results

  • Stem Cell Research: M&R resolved a long-standing deadlock on one of the most politically divisive issues in Albany by securing $600 million in state funding for stem-cell research.
  • Achievements in Education: In response to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit settlement, M&R worked to establish the first equitable school aid foundation formula that met the State’s constitutional standards for sound, basic education for all children.
  • Mental Health Parity: After a decade-long fight between insurers and consumers, M&R was retained to help broker a deal to guarantee that insurance companies provide mental health benefits to their customers.
  • Rockefeller Drug Reform: As a result of M&R’s strategic advice, New York’s harsh drug laws were reformed for the first time in 30 years, enabling many low-level offenders serving decades-long sentences to be released
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